A cold toddler: home remedies that can help him

From kindergarten, your child returns vague, moody and sleepy. Sniffs more and more, there is no appetite. In the evening he starts to fever and you already know that the coming days will not be easy … Do you know this scenario? Certainly yes – it is one of the most popular horror movies among young mothers.

A child’s cold has many faces. In many cases, a few days of rest and therapy using natural methods passed down from generation to generation are sufficient. Do you know which home remedies for colds work best? What can help your child recover faster? And when is it worth buying probiotics for children?

Grandma’s ways to catch a cold in children

Today, in the era of widespread availability of non-prescription drugs, it is hard to imagine that a few decades ago the vast majority of seasonal infections were treated almost exclusively at home. Some of them are forgotten, while others are still very popular. For a dusty, coughing toddler with fever, he will be helped, for example:
• Milk with butter and honey. Such a drink is bactericidal, and also relieves persistent sore throat. There are those who add to this mixture a finely chopped clove of garlic – but we are almost sure that in this version it will not taste your child.
• Linden tea. The infusion of linden flowers collected in summer shows a diaphoretic effect, thanks to which it helps to cope with fever faster. It’s best to give linden tea to your child just before going to bed, adding a little raspberry juice or honey to it.
• Natural antibiotics: garlic, onion, honey. You probably have all these products in the kitchen – but do you know that they have strong bactericidal properties? It is worth smuggling them in the daily diet of the sick baby to help his body fight infection: garlic and onions, e.g. in sandwiches or cottage cheese, and honey (along with lemon) in cooled tea.
Note – when using natural methods for colds, you must take into account possible allergies and intolerances to your child, so as not to accidentally harm him.

When an antibiotic is needed – probiotics for children

Sometimes, if the disease is bacterial and has an acute course, pediatricians also prescribe antibiotics for their young patients. Drugs of this type work quickly and effectively, but they have one drawback – they sterilize the intestinal bacterial microflora. To support a child’s intestines during and after antibiotic therapy, it is worth giving him a good probiotic for a child. Preparations containing probiotics for children are available in various forms: most often in drops (probiotic for newborn) or in

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