A sick toddler: how to take care of him?

Children are bored not only in the rain, as they preach the words of a popular song from years ago. To the most boring moments of life a few-year-old can be used including those moments when he sits at home weak, sick and feverish. It’s also a big creative challenge for his parents – watching the same story over and over or reading the same book for far too little.

When a child falls ill, it is worth thinking about its specific at that time needed: both physical and mental. How to take care of a sick young child to help him recover sooner? How can probiotics for children have an effect on the well-being of children treated with antibiotics? See for yourself!

What to play

It is true that during the recovery period your child needs more sleep and rest. A whole week without a kindergarten or school, however, is a lot of time that you need to somehow fill in creatively … What fun is best to check when the cold spreads active urchins on the shoulders?
• Home theater. Preparing the set in the theater – even at home – requires some time. So take advantage of the time that you now have a little more than usual: come up with a script, set design, props and puppets that will play the main roles. Fun guaranteed!
• Ciastolin. Instead of looking for dough in the store, find the recipe for homemade colored dough on the Internet and … get to work! The very preparation of it can be really addictive for a child, not to mention later making all the shapes that you want from it.
• Drawing, cutouts, cuts … So that all these activities are not boring, it is worth imposing a theme for each day. Tuesday – animals. Wednesday – space. Real works of art will arise!

Little patient’s diet

Fighting the disease, the child’s body consumes a lot of energy. It is worth making sure that the menu of small convalescents includes dishes and snacks that will remember him in this fight, then not burdening him. Make sure your toddler eats smaller portions, but are demanding – so you don’t have to have digestive problems. Also, give him products known for his natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, such as honey, onions, garlic, citrus, etc. Also, make sure that the child drinks a lot: teas, juices and plain low mineralized water are the most desirable.

With an antibiotic: probiotics for children

If your child is on an antibiotic, there is one more important issue that should not be overlooked – probiotics. For children and their delicate organisms, antibiotic therapy is more intense than for adults: it fights the cause of the disease, but the natural intestinal bacterial microflora should be explained. A good probiotic for a child can prepare good bacteria that live in the intestines and accelerate their regeneration.

What probiotic for child should I choose? Children who are already able to swallow tablets can be given capsules with a preparation containing a probiotic.

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