Discount coupons – Become a coupon hunter. Some practical tips

Discount coupons are a form of promotion that allows for additional savings. Thanks to them, we can purchase selected goods at a promotional price, although it is not included in the permanent promotion. I mean, we can’t buy it if we don’t have coupons. Everything is based on how to get the coupons. Because there are several ways to do this, we present the most popular of them.

Coupons attached to receipts

Some stores periodically introduce discount coupons attached to receipts, sometimes only those above a certain amount, but not always. No matter what shopping we do, we get coupons at the checkout for selected goods – usually two or three. We can get them at a lower price for future purchases, we only need to show previously received coupons at the checkout. In this way, stores urge us to visit again. However, it should be noted that such coupons have a limited expiry date, sometimes they cover a specific day or several days (we cannot use them the same day we did shopping, etc.).

Coupons in newspapers and leaflets

Discount coupons can also be found in the press and leaflets distributed on the street or in shopping centers. Coupons are more often found in colorful magazines and they are directed to the same group of customers to whom the magazine is dedicated. In this case, in the women’s press, we can expect, for example, vouchers for cosmetics, to be redeemed in a specific drugstore chain. Coupons in the form of leaflets may relate to various types of goods and services, although they are usually associated with the area in which the leaflet was received. It can be an invitation to a nearby club with a discount for the first beer or coupons to a fast food chain located in the area. The latter option is also popular in large shopping centers that have a catering zone – at the entrance (or stairs to the floor where this zone is located) we often meet people distributing leaflets with discount coupons encouraging to use this network. Discount coupons are often used as an incentive to use the pizzeria, but in their case they are most often added to the order with delivery, so they are more eligible for the previous form of promotion.

Virtual discount coupons

In addition to physical coupons, we can also find virtual coupons today. They are divided into two types. The first are virtual coupons (e-coupons) that we can use in stationary stores. They can be found on websites collecting this type of promotions and in applications. Phone applications most often relate to a specific chain of stores, and it is the coupons that we can find in them, so if you want to have coupons for many stores – you need to install many applications. Printed forms of virtual coupons have the form of codes consisting of letters and numbers and is intended for online stores. These coupons can be redeemed if you enter the appropriate code in the order form during online shopping. This type of coupon is sometimes made available by stores or producers on social media profiles.

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