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Translations have versions, so you can go back in time to a previous save The Ebiwrite dictionary

How do I get started?

Ebiwrite is a web-based tool, which means you can use it wherever you can get online. Signup and get started today.

Quick setup

Since Ebiwrite is a hosted application, we do all the boring stuff: backup translations, maintain security, upgrade software, while you're left to do the most important thing: write.

What's it for?

  • Write translations and organise them with tags
  • Upload files and documents
  • Go back in time with version control
  • Create your own personalised dictionaries, and share them with other Ebiwrite users
  • Draft translations on any computer or phone with Internet access


  • Dual-panel editor that allows you to view your source text and translation at the same time
  • Unobtrusive auto-save. Set a timer to save automatically so you don't lose your work
  • Version control. Made a mistake in a translation? Go back in time to a previous save!


  • Organise your translations with tags. Tags even allow you to create groups of translations (useful for books!)
  • Quickly find translations with a live-search on every page
  • Prepare translations for print by changing fonts


  • Store files. Keep your translation files (PDFs, Word documents, images) in Ebiwrite so you can access them anywhere
  • Use images as a translation source
  • Organise files with tags

Mobile Print-friendly Access through an API




Ebiwrite works with popular phone web browsers. Just go to! Your translations look great printed from Ebiwrite. Developers can get more out of Ebiwrite by using the API.