How do you add modified milk to your child’s diet?

Nutrition at the initial stage of life plays an important role in human psychophysical development, and also affects the degree of risk of future civilization diseases, including diabetes, obesity or cancer. Many societies and organizations recommend that you breastfeed your child up to six months of age. Then you can gradually expand his diet. Some mothers do not want or cannot feed naturally and have to decide what formula to choose for their baby. In this regard, many questions and doubts arise regarding the introduction of modified milk.

Until when to only breastfeed?

modified milk infants

According to numerous societies and organizations, including according to the Institute of Mother and Child and the World Health Organization, the child should only be breastfed up to 6 months of age. Then you can gradually expand his diet, including for modified milk and complementary foods, i.e. mixed or finely chopped fish, crushed vegetables and fruits, chopped or grated fruit, as well as groats and bread [1]. Introducing modified milk into a child’s diet should take place after consulting a doctor.

When to introduce modified milk?

modified milk infants

Modified milk can be introduced into the diet of a child after the age of 6 months, replacing it completely or partly with mother’s milk. However, sometimes it is necessary to introduce modified milk earlier. This applies primarily to premature babies and cases where the mother has a lactation problem. Many parents also decide on the option of so-called mixed feeding, that is, alternating feeding baby natural milk and modified milk. Introducing modified milk into a child’s diet should take place after consulting a doctor.

How to teach a child to eat from a bottle?

modified milk infants

Modified milk should be given in a bottle, which can be problematic – especially if your baby has been breastfed until now. In this situation, be patient and do not fund any sudden changes to the baby. To start with, it’s a good idea to give your baby your bottle food. By far the worst option is to give the infant formula milk in a bottle without prior preparation [2]. When you first administer such a preparation, it is also a good idea to brush the bottle teat with breast milk.

What to consider when choosing modified milk?

modified milk infants

The purchase of modified milk should be consulted in advance with a specialist. When choosing the right preparation, it is important to consider the child’s age and any accompanying symptoms [1]. There are specialized preparations available on the market designed for children with problems, e.g. with frequent colic, constipation or allergies. Parents who decide to introduce modified milk into their child’s diet should carefully observe the baby’s reaction – if the infant returns food, often a downpour, and also suffers from colic and chronic diarrhea, then it is necessary to consult a pediatrician and change the formula of modified milk [2 ].

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