Jewelry for the navy blue dress

A navy blue dress is a great alternative to classic black. Navy blue is equally elegant and universal, and at the same time suits women of all ages and all types of beauty – it is more facial than black, which can age, unnecessarily emphasize pallor or fatigue. Depending on the cut, the navy blue dress will work in both everyday, business and evening styles. The nature of the whole will be emphasized by carefully selected accessories, including shoes, purse and jewelry. Are you wondering what jewelry goes with the navy blue dress best? Here are some tips.

This color has power!

Garnet is elegant and expressive, it attracts attention, and at the same time provides an excellent background for other colors, creating great opportunities for choosing jewelry and other accessories. Various stones match the navy blue dress. The timeless diamond will emphasize the uniqueness and luxurious character of the outfit. Sapphire will work in monochrome combinations – navy blue total look is a good idea, e.g. for a business meeting. Shades of green and purple combine beautifully with garnet, which is why jewelry with emerald or amethyst is a hit, if you care for a harmonious, subdued stylization. A less obvious idea seems to be ruby, but this contrasting and seemingly extravagant combination will look sensational. Red and navy blue combine on the principle of complementarity, so, according to the rules for choosing colors, they are the perfect duo! Against the background of pomegranate will also look effectively pearls, which this season are very fashionable. When it comes to bullion, gold and silver go well with a navy blue dress, so go for jewelry that matches your type of beauty better (usually warm with gold and cool with silver).

Earrings for navy blue dresses – suggestions for every occasion

What earrings for navy blue dress? Much depends on the nature of the styling. For everyday use, e.g. for work, minimalist jewelry works best, especially if you have an office dress code. Reach for earrings, earrings with delicate pendants, small circles, or hanging chain attached by the ear. Choosing earrings for evening creation you have many more options! The navy blue dress will be complemented by shiny, colorful stones, sophisticated, hanging earrings in XXL version, exclusive diamonds or elegant earrings with deceptively diamond-like zircon. A popular option for a great outing is a lace dress. What jewelry goes with navy blue lace dresses the most? In this case, it is worth maintaining moderation. The lace material itself is extremely decorative, so jewelry should not compete with it. Subtle earrings with shimmering crystals are an excellent choice.

The most fashionable necklaces for navy blue dresses

A perfect everyday suggestion is a delicate celebrity necklace, i.e. a thin, short chain with a small pendant. This type of jewelry is especially liked by the stars, hence the characteristic name. What about evening stylizations? Dark blue creation is a great background for colorful, shiny necklaces and necklaces with several strings of stones. If the dress has a built-in neckline, pendants will also be a good option. Especially massive pendants with precious stones match the navy blue dress. The advantage of pendants on long chains is that they optically slim the figure. You will get a similar effect by choosing a long Y-shaped necklace or string of pearls. Remember that the simpler the dress style, the more you can go crazy with your jewelry.
For the office, for a family celebration, for a wedding, for formal meetings, for a date – a blue dress is always a good idea. The principle of choosing jewelry and other accessories is simple: always try to match it to the occasion, but also to the style of the dress. The whole should create a coherent stylization that will emphasize your beauty.

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