Promotional coupons – where to find them?

Today, all kinds of shops tempt us with promotions: food, clothing, footwear, and even stores with electronics and children’s goods. Promotions also appear in pizzerias, restaurants and fast food. In a word: we can come across them at every turn. Promotions also have various forms. Discounts are the most popular, but this is not the only form we can come across today. Promotional coupons are also becoming more and more popular. Available in physical or electronic form. Thanks to them, we can buy goods at attractive, lower prices, for which (otherwise without a coupon) we would have to pay the full amount. Where then can we find promotional coupons to be able to use them? There are several possibilities, we present the most common of them.

Promotional coupons received in the store

Promotional coupons can be obtained in the store, at the cash register, along with the receipt for purchases. We cannot use them for purchases that we have already done – they entitle them to discounts on subsequent purchases. In this way, stores encourage us to visit again. These types of promotional coupons can apply to specific items – usually two or three selected. They can also be a form of discount for purchases above a certain amount. Similar promotions are used by online stores, which attach promotional paper coupons to subsequent purchases.

Color press

We can also find promotional coupons in colorful magazines, thanks to which we can buy cheap items of various kinds. The type of product and the place where we can get it depends on the magazine. In the women’s press, for example, you can find coupons for cosmetics for a particular drugstore or clothes, in the men’s press, they can be coupons for watches and the like. Many magazines are included once a year in a nationwide promotional campaign, including a number of coupons for the issue. shopping week.


Promotional coupons can also be in the form of leaflets distributed on the street or in shopping centers. Usually in such situations we can realize them in the vicinity of the place where we got them. This is a popular form of promotion, especially fast food chains that offer entire groups of coupons that can be used within a given period of time, e.g. a month.


Very often when shopping in online stores, we get promotional coupons that can be redeemed for the next order. They are either attached to the shipment with the ordered goods or sent to our e-mail address in the form of a code, which should be provided in the delivery form next time.


Store applications also allow you to find additional coupons and discounts. The downside of this solution is, of course, that the application is dedicated to one network, so if we want to use the promotion in many stores, we need to load many applications on our phone, and for this you need to have the right amount of space on the memory card. After all, it’s worth deciding on the applications of your favorite, frequently visited stores. In addition to promotional coupons, we will also find information on standard discounts, as well as useful data on opening hours and addresses of the nearest outlets.

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