Store map – where to find it?

Nowadays, technological and urban changes are taking place at a dizzying pace.
New stores are emerging and closing in the blink of an eye. We are also increasingly changing our place of residence, and it is not always easy to find oneself in a new city or new district. In such situations a modern tool is useful such as – map of stores. But how do you find and apply it? Although this solution can be used when searching for a store from almost any industry – furniture, clothing, electronics, etc. – we will show them on a specific example, which are the most frequently visited grocery stores.

The store map is a useful tool if you want to find the nearest grocery stores. Most often we use it in cases where we do not know the area and simply want to know what stores are nearby, or we are looking for a specific store from a given network, e.g. Żabki, Biedronka or Lidl. In each of these situations, the map with the location of the stores will look different.

When we want to locate specific grocery stores, the easiest way is to go to the website of the given network. We’re looking for a tab called ‘store map’, ‘our stores’, ‘locations’ etc. – its name may vary, but it’s usually easy to know what it is about. On the selected subpage, we usually have to first indicate the city that interests us, then we will find a list of addresses where the grocery stores of a given chain are located or a more convenient map of the city with selected outlets. Then just find the one closest to us. Ready! We can go shopping.

In the event that we are not looking for stores of a given network, and we just want to orientate ourselves in the area, it’s best to go to the Google maps page and enter our address. If we zoom in on the map and move around the area, we will see grocery stores marked on it (as well as other useful facilities and service points, such as gas stations, restaurants, clinics). In this way, we can learn not only the location of stores, but also opening hours, and in some cases even the volume of traffic – that is, how many customers visit the store at given hours. This will allow us to avoid crowds between alleys and at the checkout!

Thanks to Google maps we can also find grocery stores of a particular network. To do this, enter in the map search engine the name of the network and the city or – to limit the search – the district in which we are looking for a store. On the left, a list of stores of interest to you will be displayed, or – if there are none in the immediate vicinity – a list of the nearest locations from neighboring districts.

The map of stores is a solution that we can use in our own home. However, if we are outside of it, and we would like to find a suitable grocery store – we can use these tools on mobile devices with internet access.

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