Store promotions – a way to save

Store promotions are something we have become accustomed to. They allow you to save on everyday purchases, which in a whole month can make up a considerable amount that remains in our wallets. Store promotions are not only traditional price reductions, but also promotional coupons, discounts when buying larger quantities, loyalty programs, raffle lotteries and more. See how you can use them and which ones are the most advantageous.

Traditional store promotions – reduced prices of goods

The oldest and the most common form of promotion are discounts, i.e. reduced prices of selected goods. They appear in all stores, regardless of the industry, and even on kiosks. Larger store chains are introducing standardized discounts at all their points, organizing them in a weekly or other system – and informing them through promotional brochures that can be viewed in stores or via the Internet – in electronic version.

Promotional coupons

Promotional coupons entitle you to buy at a discounted price goods that are not in the promotion. How to get such coupons? Sometimes we get them with a receipt – then they are to encourage us to visit again in the same store (or store of the same network), where we will be able to implement them. Promotional coupons can also be found in the press or applications of a given store network.

Discounts when buying more goods

These kinds of store promotions are becoming more and more popular lately. They take various forms. Sometimes we can get two items for the price of one or three for the price of two. It also happens that when we buy a larger number of products, we get a several percent discount. Another solution is to release a specific product in a limited, enlarged version (larger bottle, bag or packaging), in which the price of the product per liter or kilogram is more profitable than for a regular size product.

Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs can take very different forms. However, they always rely on the same: the more you shop online and spend more on them, the greater the benefits you can get in the future. Sometimes it involves collecting points on a special card or in an application. Points can then be redeemed for prizes or discount coupons. Sometimes shopping is rewarded with stickers that need to be collected and after collecting the right number turn into fancies – mascots, cookbooks, children’s books and the like.

Raffle lotteries

This is an interesting form of encouraging customers to buy, but it is not very popular. It is most often used in large stores, usually around the holidays. It consists in the fact that with each receipt above a certain amount, the customer receives a prize for the lottery. The draw takes place every now and then, and at the end of the lottery the main prize is drawn. Often the main prize has a high value, it can be, for example, a car or a foreign trip.

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